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About Super Grow LED

Our staff has over ten years’ experience in the design and manufacture of solid state lighting products (LEDs) with an emphasis on frequency specific applications. Our engineers have engineered and implemented indoor and outdoor LED lighting in support of:

  • Technical and Hospitality Industries

  • Manipulation of Algae and Botanicals

  • Wildlife Conservation (Turtle Hatchling Population Restoration)

  • Phototherapeutic Solutions

  • Lighting Pollution Reduction for Very Large Telescopes (VLT)

We have been especially active producing highly effective full spectrum LED grow lights that provide full life-cycle function, from seed to harvest, for almost any plant.
We have deep industry relationships with major LED chip-and-die and luminaire manufacturers in the United States and offshore. If a specific LED frequency (color) does not exist, we have the ability to have it produced for us. Our manufacturing methods are stringent and quality control is solid. Our products are optimized for extra-long life through accurate power management and superior thermal design.

Our consultants are experts in biology and horticulture, with respect to optimum spectrum requirements.

Super Grow LED
PO Box 10842 Harbor Road
Kelseyville, CA, 95451
Phone: 855-464-5397

We are members of the Illuminating Engineering Society.

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