380nm (UV)<< Full Spectrum >>780 NM (far-red)


Solid state, no fans, full spectrum LED grow light from seedling to harvesting dense yields.

Design team includes our physicist with 30+ years experience of industrial design and spectrum analysis for governments worldwide. Together with input from our hydroponic biologists and team of growers.

We tweaked the spectrum to including a little UV and far red to mimic the sun from 380nm to 780nm covering Chlorophyll a, Chlorophyll b and Carotenoid absorption peaks.

Full Spectrum

Seed to flower the FATPHARM250 is photo-synthetically complete with a beautifully crafted mix of SMD3535 LEDs running at 250W true draw. Covering 380 nm to 780 nm with no gaps. Peak wavelengths covering violet 380nm, pure sun white 3,600K, indigo 440nm, blue 460nm, masses of reds 630nm and 660nm and finally far red 740 nm which spills over into 780 nm.


The FATPHARM250 is awesome and doing the job. Glad I stuck with my purchase of them. I did lots of research before I committed to buying my grow lights.

First harvest from my 2 x FATPHARM250. Used to be 9 weeks under 1000W HPS, now only 7.5 weeks + plus more solid/dense flowers!!!

Fantastic!! Thank you so much! I just got my light and I am already extremely happy with my purchase! Great shipping, great packaging, great LIGHT!!!!!!

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